Introducing STG Combustion Control GmbH & Co KG

Advanced Combustion Control for Glass Melting Furnaces

STG was founded on 18 April 1990 by three process engineers and friends from university as "Software & Technologie Glas GmbH".

Having grown steadily over the years through numerous projects and operating since 2012 as "STG Combustion Control GmbH & Co KG", our team of more than 60 highly qualified engineers, software developers and technicians develops pioneering solutions for the requirements of a modern and sustainable industrial production.
As a renowned partner to the international Glass Industry, our satisfied customers now also include the Steel, Chemical and Biotechnology sectors.

STG Firmensitz "Große Mühle Madlow" in Cottbus
STG Firmensitz "Große Mühle Madlow" in Cottbus

From the very beginning, we have focused on the ever-increasing demands for energy efficiency, emission reduction and process control.
The combination of state-of-the-art measurement and control technologies and the continuous development of advanced optimisation concepts make STG the ideal partner for almost all Hot End control tasks - from oxygen measurement with zirconium oxide probes to complex process control systems.
And we know that: No two projects are the same, especially today. That's why, of course, no control system comes "off the shelf", but is always tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

Powerful, efficient, sustainable. And always customised.

Optimise your combustion process by combining STG technologies

STG as provider of Furnace Control Systems

Process Control System

  • Hot End Furnace Control Systems for:
    • Batch House
    • Furnace
    • Tin Bath / Lehr
    • Forehearth / Feeder
    • Fiberizing
  • Hard- & Software Engineering
  • Control cabinets assembling
  • Frequency Drives and Field Devices
  • Network (Fibre Optics / Ethernet...)
  • Commissioning on site

Oxygen measurement / Advanced Signal Processing & Lambda Control

  • High temperature in-situ Oxygen sensors
  • Advanced Signal Processing: Monitoring O2 / CO / Lambda / Air ingress
  • Lambda Control (integrated in Furnace Control System)
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Renting & Service contracts
STG Zirconium Oxide Oxygen sensors

Calorimeter & Energy based Lambda Control

  • Precision Calorimeter for monitoring of gas quality changes
  • Patented Sofware functionality "STG Energy Based Lambda Control" for automatic compensation of gas quality variations (integrated in Furnace Control System)
  • Commissioning on site

Further performances

  • Furnace Pressure sensors
  • Energy Management Systems (EMS)
  • Combustion air flow Control
  • Air Curtain System for optimized distribution of combustion air
  • Optical Melting Control (OMC)
  • FlammaTec burners (Gas/Oil/Dual, Oxy Gas, Hydrogen)
Flammatec Burners

Detailed product information following soon...



Starting from the left:

  • Norwid Hemmann, Senior Programmer (Shareholder)
  • Matthias Schuetzel, Project Manager Automation / Process Technology (Shareholder)
  • Werner Bengsch, Managing Director Production / Logistics Logistik
  • Dr. Peter Hemmann, Co-Founder / Senior Specialist Combustion Control processes
  • Helmut Heelemann, Co-Founder / Senior Specialist Sensor Technologies
  • Andreas Birle, Managing Director Combustion Engineeringk
  • Thomas Schulz, Managing Director Process Automation

Company history


Foundation of Software & Technologie Glas GmbH Cottbus in Cottbus by Dr. Peter Hemmann, Frank Hegewald, Helmut Heelemann


STG moves into its new head quarter in Cottbus-Kiekebusch


Property Purchase of Cottbus´ Historical Central City Mill "Great Mill Madlow"


10th anniversary of STG


Retaining an old custom the three founders embed a coffer with contemporary documents into the brickwork of the new STG symbol - the recently built tower.


2003, April 17th: Grand Opening of the main building - Production start at all 5 floors


Frank Hegewald was one of the three engineers who established the company STG in 1990.
He added a lot of his ideas and visions to form STG’s character and face as we know it today.

He died at 18th of August 2003, a week before getting age 55.
We will keep him in our mind forever and will do our best to continue his work.


STG and Glass Service, Vsetín (Czechia) combine their forces and Know How by a jointly developing of advanced combustion technologies in the new established company "FlammaTec".


STG awarded as first Siemens Solution Partner for the Glass Industry


Making STG brand fit for the future: Change of name and legal form into “STG Combustion Control GmbH & Co KG”